We maintain values.

JL Goslar has been an expert in the processing of lead, tin, and their alloys at our production location in Goslar for over a hundred years. We supply our exacting customers from the worlds of industry and research with forward looking products and a personalised service from our three business divisions of Apparatus construction lead/steel, Radiation shielding, Anodes for extractive metallurgy worldwide.

Our success story is based on our philosophy, which we pursue without compromise.
We blend the best from a spirit of innovation and a sense of tradition.

Our constant striving for solutions that are even safer, more efficient, better value and better for the environment. Thanks to daring new approaches in the past we now have some exclusive techniques that make us a popular partner, both at home and abroad.

A sense of tradition:
Maintaining the knowledge, the experience and the passion that have made our company stand out from the start.

The link?
The people behind it and the excellent performances they provide every day working in vibrant markets, supported by leading technology and their own expertise. In this way we are not only strengthening the satisfaction of our customers but also the industrial location of Germany.

The JL Goslar Values are the foundation of our Enterprise Policy as well as the resulting Code of Conduct. While the values guide us in our everyday work, the Code of Conduct uses them to provide more specific guidance in relation to a number of issues.

Enterprise Policy [PDF]

Code of Conduct [PDF]